Enabling or Disabling Paper Invoices

Invoices will be sent to all billing contacts on the account to their correspondence email address on file as soon as the invoices raise. You can choose to also be sent a paper invoice to your nominated address at an additional charge per invoice (this charge will be displayed on each paper invoice). This option can be selected at sign up, or at any stage via Toolbox.

Log on to Toolbox:

Select "edit contact details" - this will appear on the right hand side just below your information summary (address, phone numbers and tenure):

Choose the appropriate Contact you wish to change:

Select "invoice details" at the top of the edit contact details page:

Change "invoice paper" to "yes" if you would like to receive paper invoices and are not already. If you are already receiving paper invoices and wish to stop receiving them, change to "no". then select "update details":

You may need to do this for each 'billing contact on your account if you have multiple people listed.